Alis grave nil.

Nina Grace

Alice: I simply must get through!
Doorknob: Sorry, you're much too big. Simply impassible.
Alice: You mean impossible.
Doorknob: No, impassible. Nothing's impossible.

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I’ve just really gotten to thinking about this topic, and…it just…

really, really, really means a lot to me.

You lose my trust, you lose me. For good.
This applies to everyone in my life,
& honestly it’s fair game.
If I do you good, then who gives you the right
to do me wrong?
I don’t believe in second chances,
& I never will. I don’t make exceptions.
I’ve got better things to be doing than
being fed your poison. 

There is no “fool me once”.

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Thursday Dec 12 @ 02:39am

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