Alis grave nil.

Nina Grace

Alice: I simply must get through!
Doorknob: Sorry, you're much too big. Simply impassible.
Alice: You mean impossible.
Doorknob: No, impassible. Nothing's impossible.

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Fall is just around the corner, and I’ve noticed more and more girls who are just caking their faces with make up. That and wearing short shorts and boots. 


Is it supposed to act as a blanket to keep your face warm? I highly doubt it. 

I feel like make up does girls more harm than good. I’m not trying to shoot down anyone who wears make up, I myself wear some, but no where near to the point where people can tell that you won’t look the same if you don’t have it on. I’m not trying to look THAT desperate for attention.

I hate girls who wear 5 buckets full of foundation, blush, eyeliner, mascara, etc. etc. etc.
I hate girls who feel like they have to talk really loud to get attention. I hate girls who reinforce themselves as being beautiful only when they sleep around with tons of guys.I hate girls who get anything they want for all the wrong reasons. It’s these kinds of girls that label women as being “bitches”.

Why is it so hard to just love yourself for who you are? 

I feel sorry for any guy who believes in having a real relationship with a girl who doesn’t love herself and believes she isn’t beautiful unless she has a) fake boobs, b) tight clothes on, or c) enough make up to paint a whole circus of clowns’ faces on. 

I hate guys who think that a girl is beautiful for having all that shit on her face. You all deserve a big dick to the face. 

I’m completely venting right now, I know. I’m sorry for filling your blog feeds with this, but it’s just really annoying. Apparently make up is the only thing that matters to getting whatever you want. I refuse to subject myself to such a level. 

I love who I am. I don’t have to make an effort to feel beautiful. I have real friends who are true to me that would call me out in a heartbeat if I were to ever wear clothes that make me look like a whore or wear so much make up that it just looks painful. I have a life that is filled with blessings and people that love me. I can wear whatever I want and still feel beautiful. I have a boyfriend who takes me for who I am. I have no regrets. 

Everything in my past made me who I am today. I’ve been with guys who have worn more make up than me, guys who thought that telling me that they were on their 100th pushup mattered more than “I love you”, guys who were so insecure that they believed that being a psycho would make me stay, guys who thought that they would get away with cheating on me, etc. 

The only thing I really need to work on is being more dependent on others. I’m really independent, I know I am. I know I can get whatever I want, without having to rely on being fake. 

UGHH. Make all these dumb girls go awayyyyyyy.

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